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shrink-to-fit in kprinter or kghostview?

I've got some PDF scores I bought and downloaded.  They were done using a 
"universal" page size that isn't US Letter and isn't A4, but somewhere in the 
middle of both.  The notey bits are perfectly legible, but the titles and 
footers are getting cut off slightly.  It also confuses my printer, and 
causes me to do some annoying manual twiddling to coax it into doing the job.

One of the pages in the score itself admonishes me to "Be sure to use the 
'shrink to fit' option," but I can find no such thing in KGhostView, or any 
of the standard KDE apps, or KPrinter.

Am I missing something?

Maybe suck it up and install the native Adobe thing?  I've generally been 
getting on with KGhostView and other free software for several years now, but 
I could install Acroread, I guess, if it has this shrink-to-fit option.  I'd 
rather just figure out some way to get KDE to do it though.

Michael McIntyre  ----   Silvan <dmmcintyr@users.sourceforge.net>
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