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theme and font problem

Hi all,

I've got some problems with fonts and themes in kde.
I'm using kde-core 3.3.2 at my debian testing system. When i add a theme
from the control center and start to use it, i can see the changes
(menus, fonts etc) for example in konqueror. But the theme doesn't be
applied in some applications like mozilla-firefox, mozilla-thunderbird,
gaim etc.. I also see some fonts smaller than they must be (for ex. in
gaim) despite the following packages are installed. The most interesting
thing is that the problem occurs in web sites too. I see hole of the
texts in some web sites smaller. But when i boot with ubuntu, it's normal.

I think i've problems with gtkrc. Or else??

installed packages related with fonts;

best regards ..
Koray Bostancı

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