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Re: theme and font problem

Koray Bostanci said...
> Hi all,
> I've got some problems with fonts and themes in kde.
> I'm using kde-core 3.3.2 at my debian testing system. When i add a theme
> from the control center and start to use it, i can see the changes
> (menus, fonts etc) for example in konqueror. But the theme doesn't be
> applied in some applications like mozilla-firefox, mozilla-thunderbird,
> gaim etc.. I also see some fonts smaller than they must be (for ex. in
> gaim) despite the following packages are installed. The most interesting
> thing is that the problem occurs in web sites too. I see hole of the
> texts in some web sites smaller. But when i boot with ubuntu, it's normal.

Install gtk2-engines-gtk-qt and configure in the Control 
Centre/Appearance and Themes/GTK styles and fonts.


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