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I am using a Scanjet 4200c scanner. Sane doesn't list it as being supported at this time. How do I get it to work? I loaded the deb. packages for it. I know that is a pretty broad question. I found a patch for Sane, but I don't know how it get it installed. I can't get the commands that they give to work with it. Who's software should I use, or what should I use? My machine shows the scanner as "being there", but I can't get it to scan, and I have looked through all the packages that seem to deal with HP scanners on the debian cd's. This is with Debian 3.1 for the system info. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Shawn Huston

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On Sunday 09 October 2005 12:36, Hendrik Sattler wrote:
> all this to work, I'd sure like if someone who knows this stuff could
> explain what the h... is going on.

Sure, by upgrading, you loose all abilities to run linux-2.4.xx with
hotplug functionality. You also agree to not run a linux kernel <2.6.12
because that won't work, too.

Hmm.. Udev has been kernel 2.6.12 only for a while.. I guess if you use 2.4
kernel you should use udev at all, and hotplug should work as before?

Actually, you should run linux kernel 2.6.14 or higher. I know, doesn't
exist, yet but that seems to be the attitude of the udev maintainer.

That's kinda odd.

Obviously, he lives in a perfect world, where all external kernel modules
adapt to kernel changes very fast.

But why, I must ask. What do you get in return?

Obviously, some DDs (e.g. the udev maintainer) gave up to make it possible to have more than one major kernel version installed (and still be able to
run it properly).

Oh? I can't really think of a reason why I would want to do a crazy thing like that.. I only have 2 kernels installed in case the new one I am testing fails
for some reason.

The udev package somewhat digs its own hole and I am glad that I did not
change to udev. The udev package could also ask if you want to use hotplug
or udev's coldplug, does it? (Can't tell because I don't have it

Udev is cool, but I'd sure like to know why all the changes are happening.


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