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Re: Hotplug, udev, hal, etc.

On Sunday 09 October 2005 12:36, Hendrik Sattler wrote:
> > all this to work, I'd sure like if someone who knows this stuff could
> > explain what the h... is going on.
> Sure, by upgrading, you loose all abilities to run linux-2.4.xx with
> hotplug functionality. You also agree to not run a linux kernel <2.6.12
> because that won't work, too.

Hmm.. Udev has been kernel 2.6.12 only for a while.. I guess if you use 2.4 
kernel you should use udev at all, and hotplug should work as before?

> Actually, you should run linux kernel 2.6.14 or higher. I know, doesn't
> exist, yet but that seems to be the attitude of the udev maintainer.

That's kinda odd.

> Obviously, he lives in a perfect world, where all external kernel modules
> adapt to kernel changes very fast.

But why, I must ask. What do you get in return?

> Obviously, some DDs (e.g. the udev maintainer) gave up to make it possible
> to have more than one major kernel version installed (and still be able to
> run it properly).

Oh? I can't really think of a reason why I would want to do a crazy thing like 
that.. I only have 2 kernels installed in case the new one I am testing fails 
for some reason.

> The udev package somewhat digs its own hole and I am glad that I did not
> change to udev. The udev package could also ask if you want to use hotplug
> or udev's coldplug, does it? (Can't tell because I don't have it
> installed).

Udev is cool, but I'd sure like to know why all the changes are happening.


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