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Re: Hotplug, udev, hal, etc.

On Sunday 09 October 2005 20:08, Phillip Pi wrote:
> Hmmm, I wonder if I should remove udev and reinstall hotplug for now since
> udev isn't really mature. I am still using Kernel 2.6.12-K7. What do you
> guys think? I am just a regular user in using Linux and KDE as a
> workstation.

I think this depends on whether you are prepared to handle the difficulties 
involved in the occasional package restructuring that occurs as udev changes.

Personally I think the benefit of having a small dynamic /dev folder is so 
big, that I can live with problems that show up from time to time.

For example for a couple of months this summer I had to manually 
create /dev/dvd (and cdrom) symlinks after boot, so I could play dvds on 
kaffeine. The reason was an udev change that caused the symlinks to no longer 
be created. I had to purge all of udev and hotplug, and delete all the 
configuration files in /etc/udev manually and then reinstall to get it 
working again.


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