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KOffice update

Hi all,

>   #327977 contains interesting information now.

Luk Claes is doing an NMU this week that will at least make the old
koffice 1.3.x installable.

As for KOffice 1.4.x, I'm afraid the last month has been an order of
magnitude crazier than expected, and each block of time that I had set
aside kept getting swept aside by some new urgency.

Given this, the obvious thing to do is to pass koffice on to the
debian-qt-kde group, which has a much better buffer against periods like
this when an individual person is out of action.  I will be in touch
with them on irc shortly, but please do regard this as a formal intent
to pass koffice onto debian-qt-kde if they're willing to take it.

So my apologies for the delay on this, and if anyone gets their hands on
that magic dust that removes that inconvenient need to sleep, you have
my email address. :)


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