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Re: Re: Koffice progress on C++ ABI transition AGAIN

I think most of the current debate is irrelevant. Finding why the transition 
is taking the time it takes is not the point here.

We have two facts :

- The koffice packages are taking a much longer time than other packages to 
make the transition
- Many people want them fast and are willing to help the maintainer in order 
if it can hasten the process.

So what should be done is not asking "Why ?" but "How ?".

So my opinion is that someone in the debian-kde team should post to this list 
a status report about the packages, what needs to be done in order to fix the 
packages, and a link to the broken packages. And maybe the community will 
produce a fix quicker than a lonely maintainer.

Best regards,

Nicolas DEGAND

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