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Re: Question on konsole

Bob Alexander wrote:
> I altro tried assigning other values to the LANG and LANGUAGE
> environment vars but nothing changed.

Correct setting of locale in Debian is with command (as a root and best is
without KDE running)

dpkg-reconfigure locales

I would suggest using locale it_IT.UTF-8 (if you need mc, then you can find
a Debian/etch package of mc somehow working with UTF-8 on
<http://www.ceplovi.cz/matej/progs/debian/>; get also slang* package, which
is needed; but I have actually removed mc and use only krusader -- package
is also available in the same place for KDE 3.4.1).
And of course, try to set another font with sufficiently wide coverage of
characters (Andale Mono or Courier New from M$, DejaVu from the package
ttf-dejavu both worked for me).

Good luck!


Matej Cepl, http://www.ceplovi.cz/matej/blog/
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