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Re: KDE 3.4.1 in sid/alioth

On Saturday 23 July 2005 02:50 am, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen wrote:

> >  For now, avoid the upgrade command. ;-)
> Waaaayy too late for that I'm afraid. ;) I am running xorg with
> Enlightenment right now using Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird for my
> communication and browsing needs.

This is probably a solved problem that I just don't know about yet, but is 
there any sort of push- or subscription-based method for getting status 
updates on Sid's (lack of) stability?  The last time I asked in #Debian I was 
told "you come into IRC and ask", which I find to be a significantly less 
than optimal solution, particularly for the IRC regulars who then have to 
answer questions over and over again. :-)

I'm not thinking of anything fancy; just, say, an announce mailing list that 
gets messages like:

 "We're starting the gcc 4 ABI transition tomorrow.  Stuff will be broken for 
a long time as we slowly recompile the entire tree.  apt-get upgrade is a 
very bad idea for now, unless you like submitting bug reports (which are 
always welcome)."

"Gnome 2.10 entered Sid today.  It should all work properly, but no promises."

"Xorg enters Sid tomorrow.  Before upgrading, PLEASE read the upgrade guide at 

That would be a good way to reduce the number of redundant questions in IRC 
and on lists like these, as well as a way for the cutting edge folks to not 
slit their wrists by accident.  (And if they do anyway, then they can't say 
they weren't warned. <g>)

Anyway, does something like that already exist?  If so, where?  If not, would 
there be any interest in creating something like that?  A mailing list or RSS 
feed would be most sensible, I'd think.

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