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Re: KDE 3.4.1 in sid/alioth

To the best of my knowledge (I am not a maintainer or developer), the process 
is something like this:

1) Wait for gcc 4 transition to be complete in Sid.
2) Wait for Xorg to be available on all platforms in Sid.
3) Recompile KDE 3.4.1 for both of the above and move into Sid.

The alioth packages are compiled for gcc 3 and XFree86.  So mixing those with 
gcc4 and Xorg causes Bad Things(tm) to happen.  In my case, sound is so 
delayed that listening to music is almost impossible.  I'm sure others have 
their own unique stories of weirdness.  

Hopefully #1 and #2 won't take too much longer, as I miss my music. :-)  I've 
not a clue what the time table is for any of that, though.  For now, avoid 
the upgrade command. ;-)

On Saturday 23 July 2005 02:02 am, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen wrote:
> Does anybody know what's going on with KDE 3.4.1 in sid? Since the xorg
> server came into sid, alioth packages of KDE 3.4.1 has been broken for
> me. Now xorg seems to be running ok on both my systems, so what is the
> latest thinking on what is going to happen with KDE?
> Will there be new packages on alioth that are xorg compatible or is KDE
> 3.4.1 going into sid?
> I know this is why they named it "unstable/experimental".. Just asking
> if anyone knows what is going on.
> Anders

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