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problems with sound

Untill today the sound system worked just fine and I didn't touch anything. 
Here comes the description of the problem: every kde system niotification 
plays only from one speaker (I have two), but every non KDE application plays 
the sounds from two speakers. If I change the sound system in kcontrol for 
example from autodetect to alsa it starts play sounds from two speakers, but 
when I restart KDE the sounds are played only from one speaker again. I open 
kcontrol again and change the sound system from alsa to autodetect (or even 
only change some other value) and the sounds starts play from two speakers 
untill I restart KDE. There is one more problem with kde sound notifications 
- relatively often when the sound is played the volume juminp up and down. 
Can it be fixed? I use sound blaster live! with alsa.   
Thanks in advance!

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