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Re: KDE 3.4.1 in sid/alioth

Larry Garfield wrote:

To the best of my knowledge (I am not a maintainer or developer), the process is something like this:

1) Wait for gcc 4 transition to be complete in Sid.
2) Wait for Xorg to be available on all platforms in Sid.
3) Recompile KDE 3.4.1 for both of the above and move into Sid.
Oh right.. Seem to remember seeing this as well a while back. This means the alioth packages won't be recompiled to fix the various dependency problems? It would probably be a waste of time, I guess..

Anyway.. [Favorite deity] bless those packagers.

 For now, avoid the upgrade command. ;-)
Waaaayy too late for that I'm afraid. ;) I am running xorg with Enlightenment right now using Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird for my communication and browsing needs.

I am managing, but it's just barely. I haven't really become good friends with Enlightenment..

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