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Re: Hewlett-Packard package conflicts

Hendrik Sattler wrote:

> Am Freitag, 8. Juli 2005 06:18 schrieb Gayle Lee Fairless:
>> Gcomm:/home/gayle/drivers/hplip# dpkg --force-conflicts -i hplip*.deb
>> I found out that I had to force it.
> Actually, the "force-conflicts" was the wrong way :-(
> It's easier and cleaner to edit the debian/control file and remove the
> faulty conflict. If not, some tools (aptitude?) might automatically remove
> one of them.

Easier?  In the first case, you use dpkg (I always use --force-all, since by
this point you know there are no other errors - and I can never remember
which "force" option it is) and cut and paste the .deb name from the error
in apt-get/aptitude.  In the latter, you have to edit a control file
(correctly).  I'm sure it's cleaner, but I've never yet encountered a
situation where simply forcing a conflict didn't work.

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