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Re: Hewlett-Packard package conflicts

Am Dienstag, 5. Juli 2005 16:29 schrieb Gayle Lee Fairless:
> I posted a question to Debian User about package conflicts between
> hpoj(sp?) and hplip(sp?) that are for parallel HP printers and usb HP
> printers.  My HP 697C is parallel, and my HP psc1210 is usb.

No, hpoj and hplip should not conflict, at least not according to hpoj 
website. This was fixed in hplip-0.9.3-3 (Debian unstable).
To fix this for your version:
mkdir hplip
cd hplip
apt-get source hplip
cd hplip-0.9.2
#the follow or manually editing debian/control
sed -i -e 's/hpoj, //' debian/control
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b -uc -us
cd ..
dpkg -i hplip*.deb

> administration.  The hpoj package created an entry in ptal something about
> mlc:usb: etc.  I was wondering if this is the famous URI (Uniform Resource
> Indicator?) that is supposed to find the usb printer which I think the
> system picks up as usblp0.  (That '0' is a zero.)

See hpoj package description:
  - An application programming interface (API) known as "PTAL" (Peripheral
  Transport Abstraction Library) that hides the differences in accessing
  devices connected via parallel, USB, or JetDirect.

> I wonder if it is possible to force aptitude to install those 2
> conflicting packages and somehow match them to the appropriate printer?

Not cleanly without rebuilding the package (but that's easy, see above).


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