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Hewlett-Packard package conflicts

I posted a question to Debian User about package conflicts between 
hpoj(sp?) and hplip(sp?) that are for parallel HP printers and usb HP 
printers.  My HP 697C is parallel, and my HP psc1210 is usb.

Perhaps this question should also be posed to Debian KDE since one of
their hints in version 3.3 recommends CUPS which I have.  I also have
Xprint stuff installed which was recommended for removal in a message
posted on Debian User.  When I went into aptitude to do that, it seems
that aptitupde wanted to remove about half the packages.  Since that
looked like wholesale destruction of the system, I was quite leery of
doing that!  I'm somewhat confused about what to do next about the printer
conflicts.  I am able to use localhost:631 to get into CUPS
administration.  The hpoj package created an entry in ptal something about
mlc:usb: etc.  I was wondering if this is the famous URI (Uniform Resource
Indicator?) that is supposed to find the usb printer which I think the
system picks up as usblp0.  (That '0' is a zero.)

As you know, I'm running a sarge system upgraded from woody with a choice 
of 2.4.18-bf2.4, 2.6.11.  i686, and 2.6.12  i686 kernels. This is on a 
Gateway 500 with a Pentium III (Katmai).

I wonder if it is possible to force aptitude to install those 2 
conflicting packages and somehow match them to the appropriate printer?

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