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Re: Kvim broken in alioth

I agree, that making yet another editor looks like more balkanization. I 
already use kate most of the time as starting up gvim in KDE takes a 
lot of time and editing large files makes a lot of probs. The only 
thing missing in Kate is the ex-functionality, kind of integrated sed 
being able to address ranges and complicated regex. That's what I use 
vim for and this already existed in the initial vi.

I had also lots of trouble with kvim in my weired setup, but it is just 
a pity to start the whole gnome-bazar to be able to have a nice-looking 

And no, I can't maintain it, as I'm not a programmer nor do I have 
sufficient time. So I was just looking for a qt-GUI for vi. But it 
seems that editor-maintainers are more attracted by gnome. 



Am Saturday 28 May 2005 01:04 verlautbarte Matej Cepl :
> cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis) wrote:
> > I never got kvim working sufficiently well that I could have it
> > open more then briefly before I closed it again out of sheer
> > annoyance. I've had no such frustratrions with kyzis sofar (but
> > then i use it mostly as a way to open textfiles in an embedded text
> > viewer within konqueror, not exactly heavy usage)
> Well, was not much exciting for me either, but at least it worked
> like vim. Where in kyzis I can find:
>         - folding
>         - digraphs
>         - advanced outliner (http://www.vimoutliner.org)
>         - LaTeX editing environment (like vim-latexsuite)
>         - email editing environment (like mail.vim)
>         - etc., etc.
> Well, I cannot, so the result is that for next couple of years
> (before kyzis will be developed), I have touch luck. I know that
> there is not much joy in maintaining something which doesn't work
> well, and which is doomed to be scrapped anyway, but during that time
> even kate will be usable. Oh, well. For anybody interested I have
> ignited long discussion on comp.editors about kvim and kyzis like two
> weeks ago -- Google Groups are your friends.
>         Best,
>                 Matej
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