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Re: Kvim broken in alioth

cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis) wrote:
> I never got kvim working sufficiently well that I could have it open more
> then briefly before I closed it again out of sheer annoyance. I've had no
> such frustratrions with kyzis sofar (but then i use it mostly as a way to
> open textfiles in an embedded text viewer within konqueror, not exactly
> heavy usage)

Well, was not much exciting for me either, but at least it worked like vim.
Where in kyzis I can find:
        - folding
        - digraphs
        - advanced outliner (http://www.vimoutliner.org)
        - LaTeX editing environment (like vim-latexsuite)
        - email editing environment (like mail.vim)
        - etc., etc.

Well, I cannot, so the result is that for next couple of years (before kyzis
will be developed), I have touch luck. I know that there is not much joy in
maintaining something which doesn't work well, and which is doomed to be
scrapped anyway, but during that time even kate will be usable. Oh, well.
For anybody interested I have ignited long discussion on comp.editors about
kvim and kyzis like two weeks ago -- Google Groups are your friends.



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