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Re: Kvim broken in alioth

On Friday 27 May 2005 20:08, Alex Nordstrom wrote:
> On Sat, 28 May 2005 01:09, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis) wrote:
> > all the kvim authors moved over to kyzis (already working better then
> > kvim ever did IMO).
> Not in my experience. Kyzis doesn't even remember its own configuration
> from session to session. I'll still stick with GVim (through vim-perl)
> for some time.

I'm mostly comparing them from a vi-like editor kde app, it's the 
kde-integration I'm looking for (function as kpart, work with ioslaves, 
look like the rest of the apps, ..), I tend to mostly actual work from a 
commandline (vt, or konsole) anyway, In which case I'll use plain vim

I never got kvim working sufficiently well that I could have it open more 
then briefly before I closed it again out of sheer annoyance. I've had no 
such frustratrions with kyzis sofar (but then i use it mostly as a way to 
open textfiles in an embedded text viewer within konqueror, not exactly 
heavy usage)
Cheers, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)
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