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Re: Game doesn't work with DCOP

> On Monday, 2 de May de 2005 01:05, Christian Stalp wrote:
> > Hello Matthias,
> > I don't know if you speak german so I write in english.
> > My Problem is that I want to play with Neverwinter Nights, a superb
> > Roleplaying Game from Bioware. Its supporting Linux directly ( not via wine
> > or other emulation) .
> >
> > The Problem now is, since I use Debian Sarge and therefore KDE 3.3 I cannot
> > play NWN while DCOP or aRTs is running.
> > What can I do?
> First of all, your problem is completely unrelated to DCOP :P
> You can disable arts without uninstalling it, just go to the Control Center -> 
> Sound and disable the sound system there.

Yes, but there's a better solution...

You can temporary disable arts using the following command:

artsshell suspend

Then run the game, and resume arts (run artsshell, and type 'help', IIRC it can display a list of commands (using windows ATM :().


You can tell SDL to output its sound through arts, by setting an
environment variable. I believe it's called SDL_AUDIODRIVER or something like that.

Kind regards,

Peter Palm

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