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Re: Quanta 3.4 crashes after about one minute

I'll try to compile sid's kdevelop3 package, will see if that helps. 
Moreover In case of success I'll have binaries optimized for pentium.  :)

Thank you for great help..

> well, it's only a :
> apt-get source kdevelop
> apt-get install devscripts
> apt-get build-deps kdevelop
> cd kdevelop.....
> dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc
> (there is a command that does the same in one time, but I cant recall
> which one ;p)
> but the thing is, I'm not sure this would fix your kdevelop ... maybe
> kdevelop needs some upgrades too (from HEAD). so the LD_PRELOAD
> solution seems to be simpler

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