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Re: Quanta 3.4 crashes after about one minute

> > just uploaded, and it really seems to fix the bug (not tested
> > extensively, but at least quanta has run 2 minutes without any
> > crash here, but doing nothing at all)
> >
> > I'll see if we can do the same for kdevelop ;)
> Quanta works ok, thanx :)

you're welcome

> But kdevelop's cvs plugin is designed to work with version 3.3
> libcvsservice, I think. Kdevelop keeps crashing.
> Did libcvsservice changed it's API's or smth. ? Why it's incompatable
> with previous versions ?

I don't really know. AFAIK, there has been no API change, but maybe some 
semantic has changed...

> Well, I will have to try to make kdevelop use separate (older)
> version of libcvsservice somehow...

the simplest (and horriblest) way is to get the .so from the unstable 
package, and to LD_PRELOAD it

> Btw.
> Is kdevelop part of KDE distribution or separate project ?

afaik, it's separate, but is released near kde.

> I'll probably have no patience to compile a newer version myself :)
> If it is part of KDE, binary packages will be on alioth sooner or
> later, right ? :)
well, it's only a :

apt-get source kdevelop
apt-get install devscripts
apt-get build-deps kdevelop
cd kdevelop.....
dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc

(there is a command that does the same in one time, but I cant recall 
which one ;p)

but the thing is, I'm not sure this would fix your kdevelop ... maybe 
kdevelop needs some upgrades too (from HEAD). so the LD_PRELOAD 
solution seems to be simpler
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