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crashes and hangs in KDE 3.4

I love KDE, and 3.4 is the best and nicest looking version yet.  But I'm
sick of my applications crashing all the time.

kicker and kopete both crash every time I log out.

k3b crashes every time I drag several files into a project list.

juk crashes every time I select a certain playlist.  I made the playlist,
and later changed some of the file names.  Now to get rid of it I'll have to
either undo the file name changes, or else hack my juk config files.

knode crashes randomly, about once a day.

And, my login still hangs about 75% of the time as it restores the session. 
I have to log in on a different VT and pkill klauncher, after which login

Is this just me?  Or are other people suffering from this too?  It almost
makes me want to go back to 3.3.


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