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Re: crashes and hangs in KDE 3.4

count yourself lucky, k3b crashes for me when all i try and 
do is start it. :(.

(i'm running experimental cvs kde debs in case anyone is 
interested, though i downgraded and that didn't help. are 
there 3.4.0 k3b debs? i can't find them.)


On Monday 28 March 2005 11:42, Andrew Schulman wrote:
> I love KDE, and 3.4 is the best and nicest looking
> version yet.  But I'm sick of my applications crashing
> all the time.
> kicker and kopete both crash every time I log out.
> k3b crashes every time I drag several files into a
> project list.
> juk crashes every time I select a certain
> playlist.  I made the playlist, and later changed some of
> the file names.  Now to get rid of it I'll have to either
> undo the file name changes, or else hack my juk config
> files.
> knode crashes randomly, about once a day.
> And, my login still hangs about 75% of the time as it
> restores the session. I have to log in on a different VT
> and pkill klauncher, after which login continues.
> Is this just
> me?  Or are other people suffering from this too?  It alm
>ost makes me want to go back to 3.3.
> Thanks,
> Andrew.

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