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Re: KMail Suggests: (was Re: The KMail PGP/MIME problem solved: gnupg-agent in Debian)

Am Montag, 21. März 2005 10:44 schrieb cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis):
> On Monday 21 March 2005 03:06, Zack Cerza wrote:
> > But still, when I open even an openpgp-encrypted message I just see
> > "Error: Bad passphrase" - but it didn't ask me for a passphrase.
> I currently have the same problem, when started from commandline I can see
> the following error message:
>  gpgme_op_decrypt_verify() returned this error code:  117440523
> I can send mail encrypted, but it isn't using gpg-agent's pasword dialog,
> the dialog it does show me says gpg-agent is found, but does not appear to
> be running (though ps shows it is in fact running)

Note that you MUST start kmail in the _SAME_ environment that you previously 
started gpg-agent in!
The easiest ist probably to test this is to login at a virtual console, 
properly start gpg-agent there and then start X and KDE with startx.
I am using the following construct:
------------ cat /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90local_gpg-agent --------------
#GPGAGENTARGS="--daemon --debug-all"

if grep -qs ^use-gpg-agent "$OPTIONFILE"; then
  if [ -x "$GPGAGENT" ]; then

if [ -n "$STARTGPG" ]; then
  if test -f $HOME/.gpg-agent-info && \
    kill -0 `cut -d: -f 2 $HOME/.gpg-agent-info` 2>/dev/null; then
    GPG_AGENT_INFO=`cat $HOME/.gpg-agent-info`
    export GPG_AGENT_INFO
    echo $GPG_AGENT_INFO >$HOME/.gpg-agent-info
(not from  me but was on this list quite some time ago)

You make a new entry in "use-gpg-agent" in /etc/X11/Xsession.options.
The gnupg-agent maintainer did not like this solution, though :-/

And don't forget to _enable_ the OpenPGP plugins in the KMail settings!


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