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Re: KMail Suggests: (was Re: The KMail PGP/MIME problem solved: gnupg-agent in Debian)

On Monday 21 March 2005 03:06, Zack Cerza wrote:
> But still, when I open even an openpgp-encrypted message I just see
> "Error: Bad passphrase" - but it didn't ask me for a passphrase.
I currently have the same problem, when started from commandline I can see 
the following error message:
 gpgme_op_decrypt_verify() returned this error code:  117440523

I can send mail encrypted, but it isn't using gpg-agent's pasword dialog, 
the dialog it does show me says gpg-agent is found, but does not appear to 
be running (though ps shows it is in fact running)
Cheers, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)
1. Encrypted mail preferred (GPG KeyID: 0x86624ABB)
2. Plain-text mail recommended since I move html and double
    format mails to a low priority folder (they're mainly spam)

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