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Re: Aptitude?

On Mon, 2005-21-02 at 20:23 +0100, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen wrote:
> On Monday 21 February 2005 18:43, Derek Broughton wrote:
> > lol.  if the people who _like_ aptitude don't realize this, how do you ever
> > convert people?  (I knew about F, but couldn't seem to get it to work,
> > either, so maybe my problem is with the way I'm trying to do upgrades).
> The above option might not always be what you want. Sometimes fill hold is 
> what's needed.

It _should_ be exactly what's needed for the situation I described.

> I think you should stop this discussion. It's not leading anywhere.

Your choice.  If you haven't yet figured it out, I'm _not_ entirely
happy with the state of things, and aptitude shows some promise, but you
guys aren't doing anything to convince me that aptitude is an
improvement.  Anyway, this _is_ the debian-kde list, so asking why I'd
be advised to use aptitude rather than the ever-reliable kpackage seems
pretty fair.

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