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Re: Aptitude?

* Anders Ellenshøj Andersen [Mon, 21 Feb 2005 17:12:33 +0100]:

> Get the old package from whatever source is available. Install it with dpkg -i 
> packagename. Start aptitude, find the package and press =. That's it. The 
> package is marked as held and will not be updated.

  Just FYI, if you press 'F' instead of '=', aptitude will prevent the
  bad version from being installed, but will upgrade when another one
  comes available (e.g., if you install 1.0-2 and is broken, revert to
  1.0-1 and press 'F', aptitude will install 1.0-3 when it becomes

  'F' stands for forbid-version.

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