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Re: Printing with Konqueror. Small font size

>> I found a KDE default CSS file
>> that could be edited if desired at ....
>>   /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML//en/common/kde-default.css

| Control Panel/Internet & Network/Web browser/Stylesheets
| (or something like that, I have localized KDE) and there
| you can specify your own CSS file which is used by knoqueror
| per default.
| ....

Matjec ....

  Thanks for the reply ....

  Although it's been several months ago, I have experimented
  a bit with the StyleSheets component in the KDE Control Center ....

  I'm sure that this could be used to successfully
  affect the the style of the pages that are  *displayed*  on-screen
  in Konqueror to use larger fonts and that the result of then
  subsequently  *printed*  pages would be large enough to read
  for someone with old and tired eyes like mine ....

  However, the problem is that the  *displayed*  pages are all OK,
  but when  *printed*   somehow small fonts seem to override ....

  Changing the default KDE stylesheet would change displays
  that are already OK only for the benefit of a print job ....

  The stanard CSS method that I know about to use one set of attributes
  for  *display*  and another for  *print*  is the method I used in the
  temporary quick-fix that I posted earlier, modifying the pages I
  wanted to print with ....

    @media print { body { .... } }

  In this way, only the  *printed*  pages are affected,
  but the  *displayed*  pages remain the same ....

  This method is handy for example if displayed pages
  are coded to display light text on dark background
  but are to be printed with the colors inverted ....

  However, neither this method nor affecting the style
  by modifying the KDE style sheets should have to be used
  to expect that fonts don't shrink when pages are printed ....

Stanley C. Kitching
Human Being
Phoenix, Arizona

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