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Re: Knode killfile

On Thu, Feb 03, 2005 at 04:14:31PM -0800, Liz Young wrote:
> Maybe that's the problem?  My filter(s) Score is "-9 <=" and I use the 
> default score (-10) on the articles I want to killfile.  If I set it to 
> ">=0" it doesn't work, as you say.

This doesn't sound like your problem, but it took me, literally, years
to understand that the input is

	VALUE RELATION articlescore (secondrelation secondvalue).

So if you want to kill articles scoring less than 0, you need to enter

        0  >=       

not, as you might expect, <=

Hope this might help someone.  Despite loving KDE I don't touch knode
because it completely lacks the "Do What I Mean" factor, but I've had
to get somewhat to grips with it because my love likes GUI newsreaders.


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