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Re: Printing with Konqueror. Small font size

A Dimecres 09 Febrer 2005 06:19, Cousin Stanley va escriure:
> | I'm a bit desesperately because in some pages when I try to print it
> | with konqueror the font size is very small, and I don't know how
> | to change it.
> |
> | I can see very well the page on the screen, but if i want to print it,
> | then all is very small.
> |
> | Also, I have noticed that sole paragraph lines are bad adjusted
> | on the printed page.
> |
> | Please, someone knows how to change, repair this??
>    I've encountered this exact problem just today
>    using Debiand Sarge with KDE 3.3.2 ....
The same

>    Adding the following  CSS  code in the <head> section
>    to a few pages that I have tested has seemed to work ....
>      <style type="text/css" >
>      @media print { body { font-size :  x-large ; } }
>      </style>

where exactly?

>    However, when I first noticed the problem I was attempting
>    to print a few  man  pages from Konqueror by using
>    man:xyzzy in the Konqueror address bar ....

Ok, it's a great feature. Works fine here.

>    A few attempts to try the above fix with the temporary html file
>    that is generated in this case did  not  work for me as the edited
>    source code for the temp file is lost when the page is refreshed ....
>    Any clues would be appreciated ....

The big question that I have found is that i a problem in konqueror or a no 
feature. Konqueror calculate the fontsize of the print looking the size of 
its windows. You have different print-size in function of the size of the 
windows where konqueror is executing. Please, test it.

So, or you use a homemade css style selected in the config section, or wait 
till a new version of konqueror with an option about the print font size. The 
kde team know that this is a "problem" 


However, I reopen the bug.


Linux User 152692

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