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Shortcuts for named filter


I have created my own named filters for marking message as SPAM/HAM and
created shortcuts J/SHIFT+J for them. However, when upgraded to KDE 3.3.1
(Debian/sarge) KMail lost this definition and when I redefine it
(Settings/Set Key Shortcuts ...), KMail doesn't remembers them. Which is
really strange because other defined shortcuts (Alt+F for Flag as Important
message) works perfectly OK, and when I look in
~/.kde/share/apps/kmail/kmmainwin.rc, I can found there this:

  <Action shortcut="Shift+J" name="Filter_Action_Mark_as_HAM" />
  <Action shortcut="J" name="Filter_Action_Mark_as_SPAM" />
  <Action shortcut="E" name="edit" />
  <Action shortcut="Plus;Alt+Space" name="go_next_unread_message" />
  <Action shortcut="Alt+Ctrl+C" name="mark_all_as_read" />
  <Action shortcut="B" name="message_forward_redirect" />
  <Action shortcut="Shift+A" name="reply" />
  <Action shortcut="R" name="reply_author" />
  <Action shortcut="Alt+F" name="status_flag" />
  <Action shortcut="Alt+C" name="status_read" />
  <Action shortcut="J" name="Filter_Mark_as_SPAM" />
  <Action shortcut="Shift+J" name="Filter_Mark_as_HAM" />

Can anybody help me, what's going on, please?


Matej Cepl, http://www.ceplovi.cz/matej
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  -- Dave Barry

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