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Re: Multiple desktops not being saved at logoff

El Martes 18 Enero 2005 21:52, Rob Clack escribió:
> I'm using KDE 3.2.3 under Debian 3 and having difficulty getting it to
> remember that I always want 4 virtual desktops.  That was the default at
> installation, but somewhere down the line I did something and now
> whenever I log on I only get the one desktop.  So I fire up the Control
> Center (3.2.2) and set it to 4, press Apply and I have my 4 virtual
> desktops.  Then when I log out, I choose Save Settings from the logout
> dialogue.
> Sadly, when I boot the computer next time, KDE has forgotten all about
> my multiple desktops and just gives me the one.
> I'd really like to be able to set this and forget it, but can't find out
> how.  Must be possible, since 4 is the default, but so far I get
> nowhere, and searching of archives etc has yielded nothing helpful.

stupid quiestion? Do you have the pager applet in kicker? can you change 
desktop with crtl+tab?

what do you have in ~/.kde/share/kwinrc?. Mine has:


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