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Re: Dependency problems with Sound.

| ....
| Once all the upgrades were installed,
| I had to delete two files (knotify.eventsrc and knotifyrc)
| from  ~/.kde/share/config.
| When I restarted kde I had system sounds back
| as a normal user. I hope this works for you, too.

Tim ....

  Thanks for the suggestion ....

  I've been running Debian Sarge on an old Compaq box
  for about 6 months and although I've been able
  to play sound files through the various media players,
  this is the first time that I've been able to get
  the System Notifications sounds to play successfully
  through the on-board esssolo1 sound card ....

  However, I still can't play midi files,
  but haven't done much research as yet
  to try and solve the problem ....

Cousin Stanley
Human Being
Phoenix, Arizona

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