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Re: kde 3.3.2 in experimental?

* Frans Pop [Sat, 15 Jan 2005 00:07:32 +0100]:

> I've noticed that a lot of bugs can be processed quite easily as they 
> refer to old, no longer relevant versions of packages.
> These should be quite trivial to test and either ask the submitter to 
> confirm the problem still exists or close the bug right off with a short 
> explanation.

> I plan to do some KDE bug triage when time permits. (I've got loads of 
> experience from processing installation reports from D-I ;-)

  Thanks very good news! :)

> I'm spending a lot of time on Debian Installer currently and can make no 
> promises, but if no one objects, I will just start when I find some time.

> Any preferences where to start?

  Well, cleaning old bugs in the BTS is a noble goal, but I'd really
  prefer that effort is put in handling the new ones properly. For a
  number of reasons, specially that they aren't enough people to handle
  them all, and they really have higher chances of being real problems
  that need to be fixed.

  Old bugs processing can be done at random time, new bugs need a
  constant flow of attention.


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