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Re: KDE/Konqeror - mounting NFS export hangs Konquerer and K-MenuI

the server gets its ip from the router, out of lazyness on my part.  The 
router seems to have the hostnames of attached devices, but strangely only 
for athlon, and not my client.  I haven't looked into how it's doing that 



On Monday 10 January 2005 14:15, Josh Metzler wrote:
> If your other machines (particularly, athlon) have fixed ip addresses, you
> can add stanzas for them in /etc/hosts on your client machine and your
> system should then be able to resolve them, i.e.:
>       localhost       clientname
> ip.addr.of.athlon athlon
> Alternatively, what kind of names will your router resolve for you?  I
> think that if ping can resolve it, mount should be able to, too.  I thought
> I remembered having to fully qualify names of computers on our network at
> work with our 2wire router (i.e. servername.gateway.2wire.net), but testing
> it I see that that is not the case.
> Josh

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