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Re: Debian bugreports

On Monday 10 January 2005 01:08, Ricardo Galli wrote:
> > Presumably you mean my email address? What if I change my email
> This is another thing,

But it's important?!

> > address? I have done this and forgot about my old bugs. In the end I
> > could have bugs in there from any number of email adresses. There is no
> > (easy..) way to change the reporter email address for a lot of bugs
> > simultaneously.
> You can doit via web, see example by Adeodato.

That will just give you a list of reports by a particular email address. It 
doesn't tell you how to change it.

> >  What if I want automatic notification when additional info is added to
> > a particular bug report? Any report, not just my own, like when it is
> > closed?
> It does already.

Yes, for the reporter. But what if I wanted notification for someone elses bug 

> >  Perhaps it is possible to be added as a cc target with the bug
> It is. At least all bug I've reported.

The reporter is obviously added. The system wouldn't be of much use otherwise. 
Again, what if I wanted info on somebody elses bug?

> > tracking system. I don't know the system is not really too informative.
> > On the other hand with http://bugs.kde.org, I just vote for a bug or
> > add my self to the cc list on the bugs homepage.
> May be, but the objective and capabilities of both systems are completely
> different. So it's not just "change and just drop in this other bug

Well perhaps a lot of clever things are going on behind the scenes, but to any 
ordinary user it looks rather arcane.

> > Please.. If this was the case, probably you could cut back the bug
> > count by 20%-50%. I have added additional info to a number of bugs, and
> They do this procedure from time to time, but AFAIK there is a very strong
> policy in Debian about closing bugs.

Undoubtful. But policy is one thing, reality is another.

> Yes, I see. I also thinks that the Debian bug tracking web interface is
> very poor and constrained, but it seems is doing its jobs from the point
> of view of DDevelopers. And I'm also convinced is a hard die beast.

Maybe someone could make a web shell on top of it in something like php. 
Something that extends it and makes it easy to use and manage?


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