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Re: How is it going with libflac6 ?

On Sunday 09 January 2005 04:38 pm, Mateusz Linda wrote:
> hi all!
> I read the posts on upgrading libflac6 and I figured out that I have the
> same issue... The ogg files aren't played as system notifications. The
> library was not going to be installed but I did apt-get dist-upgrade and it
> removed few things including kdemultimedia-plugins and k3b... than I
> realized that something was wrong and I reinstalled libflac4 (which meant
> to uninstall libFLAC6 of course) and the deleted stuff. Now in /usr/lib/ I
> have libFLAC++.so.4 and libFLAC.so.6.0.1 (why is it 6.0.1?? I says that I
> don't have libFLAC6 installed???). I oficially have libFLAC4 installed but
> the arts isn't playing any sounds more ? I thought I'm back to the last
> configuration...
> Any tips? I'd like to have arts playing til the issue with libFLAC6 is over
> and the software is upgraded to use libFLAC6 with no problems.

I believe the last libflac4 version in sid actually shipped libFLAC.so.6.0.1 
rather than the .4 version.  So, you need to downgrade to the testing version 
of 1.1.0-11 in order to actually have a libFLAC.so.4 on your system.


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