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Re: Debian bugreports

On Monday 10 January 2005 00:38, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen shaped the 
electrons to shout:
> On Sunday 09 January 2005 19:39, Ricardo Galli wrote:
> >> system like bugzilla. The main advantage in this case would be
> >> acountability. Each reporter must have an acount which must be kept
> >> up
> >
> >It does.
> Presumably you mean my email address? What if I change my email

This is another thing,

> address? I have done this and forgot about my old bugs. In the end I
> could have bugs in there from any number of email adresses. There is no
> (easy..) way to change the reporter email address for a lot of bugs
> simultaneously.

You can doit via web, see example by Adeodato.

>  What if I want automatic notification when additional info is added to
> a particular bug report? Any report, not just my own, like when it is
> closed?

It does already.

>  Perhaps it is possible to be added as a cc target with the bug

It is. At least all bug I've reported.

> tracking system. I don't know the system is not really too informative.
> On the other hand with http://bugs.kde.org, I just vote for a bug or
> add my self to the cc list on the bugs homepage.

May be, but the objective and capabilities of both systems are completely 
different. So it's not just "change and just drop in this other bug 
tracking", because there is no such a drop-in replacement for the Debian 
bug tracking system. 

> > > to date. If the reporter goes away and it is not possible to
> > > confirm the bug, then it should just be closed. The way it is now,
> > > any random
> >
> > It does.
> Please.. If this was the case, probably you could cut back the bug
> count by 20%-50%. I have added additional info to a number of bugs, and

They do this procedure from time to time, but AFAIK there is a very strong 
policy in Debian about closing bugs.

> > And also you can report/query bugs from the web or with reportbug.
> But it's ugly and not exactly user friendly compared to modern systems.
> It needs some way of prioritising errors, like a voting system. Can you
> tell I just love http://bugs.kde.org ?

Yes, I see. I also thinks that the Debian bug tracking web interface is 
very poor and constrained, but it seems is doing its jobs from the point 
of view of DDevelopers. And I'm also convinced is a hard die beast.

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