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How is it going with libflac6 ?

hi all!

I read the posts on upgrading libflac6 and I figured out that I have the same issue... The ogg files aren't played as system notifications. The library was not going to be installed but I did apt-get dist-upgrade and it removed few things including kdemultimedia-plugins and k3b... than I realized that something was wrong and I reinstalled libflac4 (which meant to uninstall libFLAC6 of course) and the deleted stuff. Now in /usr/lib/ I have libFLAC++.so.4 and libFLAC.so.6.0.1 (why is it 6.0.1?? I says that I don't have libFLAC6 installed???). I oficially have libFLAC4 installed but the arts isn't playing any sounds more ? I thought I'm back to the last configuration...

Any tips? I'd like to have arts playing til the issue with libFLAC6 is over and the software is upgraded to use libFLAC6 with no problems.

Thanks in advance!


(I'y running Debian unstable, 2.4.27)

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