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Re: Bug#247312: konqueror: opening of bookmarks is much slower when clicking directly on Bookmarks menu

On Sat, Jan 08, 2005 at 05:26:48AM +0100, Adeodato Simó wrote:

> * Hervé Eychenne [Sat, 08 Jan 2005 04:33:05 +0100]:

> > Some ask why the submitter has not submitted the bug directly to
> > upstream when noticing months after that nothing had happened. Once
> > more, I regret: if the submitter gets no feedback, he'll consider
> > that the upstream team had hard times chasing the bug (some bugs are
> > tricky), certainly not that the Debian guys has left his report in the
> > bottom of the barrel for months. Do you actually understand that?

>   no, because (unless the person doing it forgets to) you get a mail
>   when your bug is forwarded upstream.

That's what _you_ Debian maintainer think, because you know exactly how
the BTS works.
The user is absolutely not supposed to know that in each and every detail,
and that's not written in any document the average user "should" be aware of.

Summary: contrary to any argument you have raised or may raise, I had no
way to figure out that I should not have acted like I did, that is as an
average user (read "not an experienced Debian maintainer").
Be prepared to flame other users for being at fault of not knowing that
you're so buried in work that even the simplest requests may sleep
for months without care.

> > Sorry if I'm becoming more and more sarcastic, but I feel that some
> > are more concerned with finding any excuse for justifying the
> > unjustifiable, rather than actually trying to analyze the reasons and
> > change things so that this will not happen again.

>   three random things that I did for Debian today:

No one assumes you personnally don't do enough for Debian, so there is
no point in justifying yourself like that...
However, the Debian KDE team managment system as a whole leaked
in this particular tag+forward case. Yet, rather than recognizing it
and trying to make things better for the future, some get angry instead...
I naively thought pointing the leak may have come to a better handling
of this cases, but it's pretty clear now that probably no improvement
in practices may ever come out of this discussion, sadly, so I stop here.

In the end we've all wasted our time with annoying discussions for two days,
and 8 months were wasted for this sleeping bug (and God only knows for
how long it would have if I hadn't eventually insisted to know what
was going on). With probably other similar cases existing, or to come.
Great, you win.


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