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Re: revising the first cd contents...

On Saturday 26 June 2004 15:41, Joey Hess wrote:
> Chris Cheney wrote:
> > "kde-core" is enough to get KDE running, it includes arts/kdelibs/kdebase,
> > but it doesn't include any of the other official KDE packages. It does
> > include basic apps like kate, konqueror and konsole. The "kde" package
> > installs the full official KDE release, but doesn't include 3rd party
> > apps they are included in the "kde-extras" package instead.
> Would the KDE people be satisfied if the first debian CD installed a KDE
> that was only kde-core for the desktop task? Installs from more than

Hey, KDE people wake up! ;) ;)  kde-core contains all of the great base
other KDE apps can and do use.  But from the applicataion/user point of
view there is the konqueror, kwrite(kate) and konsole  That's all!

kde-core has: no mailer (kmail), no cd player (kscd), no mixer
(kmix), no addressbook (kaddressbook), no pdfviewer (kghostview).

Well, that's my minimum list of apps.  If others send their
top 5 KDE apps we  get a _small_ but useful new kde-destop-environment
pkgs before sarge+1.

> just the first CD would include all of KDE as they do now, and could
> even include the kde-extras stuff if you want me to add it.
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> see shy jo

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