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Re: revising the first cd contents...

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Am Mittwoch, 30. Juni 2004 02:00 schrieb Achim Bohnet:
> On Saturday 26 June 2004 15:41, Joey Hess wrote:
> Well, that's my minimum list of apps.  If others send their
> top 5 KDE apps we  get a _small_ but useful new kde-destop-environment
> pkgs before sarge+1.
Aside from the kdebase and kdepim stuff (I use Kontact) I would say the 
following are important to me:
Kopete, Kaffeine (or KMplayer or KPlayer doesn't really matter, but kaffeine 
is xine based and not mplayer),  amaroK and Kate. (in no specific order)

All my basic "I just wanna use 'em" tasks covered: surfing, mailing, listening 
to music, watching video , a powerful editor and shell access. That's 
basically the stuff I just want to work "out of the box" with no or little 

That may seem pretty skewed towards multimedia, but even from a base install 
(or more like: basic install) I would expect to have viewers for all basic 
and common file types like images (not only embedded in konqueror, but also 
something like gwenview or at least kuickshow), audio (MP3/OGG), video 
(Avi/MPG) and text (not to forget PDF). If I would find that I have to 
install a whole bunch of applications later (finding them may be difficult, 
especially for new user) just to get the "simple things" done, I'd be pretty 
annoyed. If I have to install extra packages to get an office application, 
that would be expected I think.

Presenting users with only a bare desktop and no "everyday" applications will 
leave a bad impression ("can't that thing do anything on its own?").

I have "converted" several people to use (or at least try) Linux instead of 
Windows and one of the first questions after setting up the Network (i.e. web 
and mail) almost invariably is "How do I play my Mp3s and Videos?"

The top priority on my personal wishlist would be (buzzword alert!) 
"integrated system configuration", so Samba (ksambaplugin), Apache, a 
Firewall and maybe some FTP server become accessible without having to read 
through tons of newbie incompatible server manuals... 8-)

Make it just feel simple (everything just works) and complete (Doesn't miss 
anything trivial or basic)...

Well just my 2 cents... ;-)

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Patrick Dreker

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