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Re: revising the first cd contents...

Dnia środa 30 czerwca 2004 02:00, Achim Bohnet napisał:

> kde-core has: no mailer (kmail), no cd player (kscd), no mixer
> (kmix), no addressbook (kaddressbook), no pdfviewer (kghostview).

> Well, that's my minimum list of apps.  If others send their
> top 5 KDE apps we  get a _small_ but useful new kde-destop-environment
> pkgs before sarge+1.

1. konsole (with xfonts-konsole)
2. kontact (mainly kmail/knode, then korganizer)
3. amarok (sadly still not in Debian)
4. konqueror (with all kfile plugins from Debian)
5. kopete (the only one QT-based IM with multi tabs in window)

not using kde cd player, kmix rarely used, for PDF I prefer Acrobat Reader 
(kghostview is limited - it's rather PDF pager then viewer)

APT: deb http://www.hrw.one.pl/apt/ sid/

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