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Re: CC and Code of Conduct (was: How to get rid of KVim)

> I naïvely thought that an invalid from-address and the fact that I do not ask 
> to receive CCs would stop people from doing it accidentally or go through the 
> effort to do it deliberately, especially considering what 
> http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/#codeofconduct tells you. Silly me.

OTOH -- if relying on people to abide by list policy is the cornerstone
of your anti-spam policy, I suggest you look for something a little more
robust.  I'm sure for a users' list such as debian-kde, many
participants won't have even read it.

And a NOSPAM-munged From: address isn't the best strategy either, since
such addresses are expliclty designed so that humans *can* accurately
reply to them whilst machines can't (though of course machines probably
can these days as well, but that's another matter).

In particular, if not being CCed is such an absolutely critical matter
for you, it's possibly worth a one-line "Do not CC me on list replies!"
in your .sig, just to hammer the point home.

But I tell you what, here's a deal.  You thank me for the immense number
of hours that I have spent packaging KDE for you for free over the last
few years, and I'll apologise for that CC.


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