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How to get rid of KVim

Much as I have tried, I can not come to terms with KVim.  If I have a 
plain text file I want KWrite or Kate. 

I am a programmer, but have never used Vim, and at least I 
recognise Vim and understand that it has its uses and that 
many programmers live by it.  But I have also had comments
from non-programmers asking what this KVim is, why is it so
different from all the other KDE editors (the menu entries with
the :commands for a start) and how do they get rid of it.

It seems to be a pre-req for any KDE install, try to remove it (at least
under Debian) and most of KDE seems to want to go away.  

Why was KVim added as the default editor (at least when you 
open files with Konqueror) when we have so many other good

I know I can go through all the associations in Konqueror and
remove KVim, but I want to do it automatically so that my users 
do not keep on having to replicate this action.


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