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Re: New QT break KDE Styles? Also, MacOS menus not fixed.

On Fri, Jun 11, 2004 at 11:41:08PM -0600, Doug Holland wrote:
> ccheney told me on IRC that Qt 3.3.x has a lot of bugs, and that they were 
> sticking with 3.2 for the time being (correct me if I'm wrong.)  IIRC, 3.3 
> does have the fix.  The patch I included in the report is for Qt 3.2.  I've 
> run it on my system for a couple months without problems.

I don't remember saying that ;) I did say Qt 3.3.x still had font
issues, but current 3.2.3 has major font issues as well. Personally I
think 3.3 is likely to have less issues since other distributions have
already migrated to it. It also has support for Indic languages as
someone else mentioned previously which Qt 3.2 does not.


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