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Re: New QT break KDE Styles? Also, MacOS menus not fixed.

On Friday 11 June 2004 09:59 pm, Christopher Martin wrote:
> On June 11, 2004 23:19, Doug Holland wrote:
> > Yep, broke Plastik for me too.  I'm also disappointed that the new Qt
> > packages didn't include the fix for bug 230576
> > (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=230576) - that makes
> > MacOS menubars in KDE clickable from the screen edge.  That one's an
> > easy fix - the patch is attached to the report.
> Your report mentions that this fix should be in the latest QT. This begs
> the question of why Martin Loschwitz stuck with QT 3.2.3, even though
> Chris Cheney and Dominique Devriese offered no objections to upgrading to
> the latest QT 3.3.2. But perhaps there is a reason, and if so I'd be
> curious to hear it, and if/when there are plans to move to 3.3.2 (at
> which point #230576 will hopefully resolve itself).

ccheney told me on IRC that Qt 3.3.x has a lot of bugs, and that they were 
sticking with 3.2 for the time being (correct me if I'm wrong.)  IIRC, 3.3 
does have the fix.  The patch I included in the report is for Qt 3.2.  I've 
run it on my system for a couple months without problems.


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