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Re: Konqueror, Mime Types, & Following Links

On Wed April 14 2004 04:05 am, Robert wrote:
 ] On April 13, 2004 01:10 pm, Sean Kellogg wrote:
 ] > "There appears to be a configuration error. You have associated Konqueror
 ] > with text/html, but it can't handle this file type."
 ] Check the filetype config for text/html.  (you can access it fhrough kcontrol 
 ] or konqueror's "Settings"->"Configure Konqueror"
 ] Make sure under the "embedded" tab it is set to use "embedded viewer" and that 
 ] KHTML is the 1st service listed.

 I had a similar problem, but with konq's file-manager component.

 When changing directories I'd get a near-identical error, but it would
 complain about inode/directory file types confusing it.

 For the list archives - Konqueror | Settings menu | Configure Konqueror |
 File Associations | +inode | +directory  ==> Make sure the embedding
 option is the top one (Show file in embedded viewer).

 Mine had slipped down to the second option (Separate viewer).

 Any idea why some people are seeing some file associations change
 after the upgrade?  I'd have thought this would have been in the land
 of the user (ie ~/.kde) and not something the packages (incl. upstream)
 would have touched.


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