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Re: cursor problems on kde multi-head using matrox g450

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On Thursday 08 April 2004 11:32 am, Dale E. Edmons wrote:
> Hi all:
> I've just installed the debian "TESTING" distribution.
> KDE (X11?) seems to have a few issues sorting out which
> display things should be on.  Little things mostly.
> When konqueror is started and the cursor is changed
> to include the icon when on :0.1 the trailing icon will
> appear on :0.0 at various times.  Other packages have
> the same problem.  When the cursor is restored on :0.1
> the trailing cursor will continue on :0.0 for some time.
> I'd certainly welcome any information.  If it is a bug I
> can report it in more detail and dig up more info too.
> Thank you
> Dale

I don't have a solution but I am curious about the :0.1 & :0.0 numbers. 
I used 'mgapdesk' (part of testing) to setup my 450 and under 'device' 
in the X config file, each BUS ID is the same, 'PCI:1:0:0'. I have 
noticed some small issues since  upgrading my Testing box to KDE 3.2.1 
which depends on X v4.3, but nothing that shows up while running.
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Greg Madden
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